Mission - To celebrate powerful women and collectively uplift the Sparks, the WNBA, and these talented influencers.


~ raise awareness of LA Sparks

~ elevate profile of the Sparks players

~ infuse Sparks in the rising cultural and artistic zeitgeist


~ create strategy to engage influencers to attend WNBA games

  • offer giveaways where fans have the opportunity to win tickets to games and attend with the influencers. This will boost engagement on social media.


Giveaway Example

~ leverage influencers social media followings on behalf of the LA Sparks

Lizzy Jeff + Cappie.jpg

Lizzy Jeff - Musician

17.8k Instagram followers

Have her talk hip-hop culture with Cappie before the game and potentially play during halftime, or between quarters. HERE'S one of her songs.

Natalia + Candace.jpg

Natalia Benson - Musician + Astrologer

17.1k Instagram followers

Have her give an astrological reading to Candace before the game. HERE'S her site.

Madame Gandhi +Nneka.jpg

Madame Gandhi - Musician + Artivist


32.8k Instagram followers 

Have her talk about "The Future is Female" with Nneka. She could also play music between quarters. HERE'S one of her songs.

Monique Benabou - Musician


21.5k Instagram followers

Have her talk music + inspiration with Essence. Also have her perform the national anthem or sing in between songs. HERE'S one of her songs.



~ capture content that will drive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will demonstrate success;

~ manage a roster of female influencers that we have come to consecutive Sparks home games to publicize/cross promote the team; and

~ capture photography (SOULS of Society) and video content of the influencers with the players and fans before, during and after the game.

I will reach out to my influencer contacts to confirm who is available to finalize the logistics. Once an influencer commits to specific dates/games, we can announce the #SparkWomensEmpowerment partnership between the Sparks and these influencers.

Pre-Game Procedure:

1. Hold social media ticket giveaways where fans follow and tag friends on our posts for a chance to win tickets

2. Choose 2 winners/game and organize them coming to games with influencers

Game Day Procedure:

1) Film segment with influencer and Sparks player

2) Film influencers with fans during the game to make into a video recap

3) Have influencers/fans create insta-stories throughout the game, posting the fun they’re having with the #SparkWomensEmpowerment hashtag

Post Game Procedure:

1) Edit video content

2) Schedule the release of content on social over a period of a week

3) Upload videos to all the respective platform

4) Share/review engagement metrics from the campaign with Sparks to optimize this strategy

Rinse and repeat for each game.


Production - $2,000/game

Videography - $400/game

Editing - $400/game

Influencer Fee - $500/game

Total - $3300/game

I would recommend doing a campaign for 8 remaining home games, starting on 7/3/18.